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YideoTube are With the new challenges of explicit advertisement and banners on online videos
YideoTube has answered the call to host videos on their own servers.
YideoTube.com is now becoming a rolemodel of interactive videos and music with sharing features like never before.
Some of the new developments about Uploading videos and music will now be faster than ever
Viewers will experience easier loading of high quality videos and music.
Better opportunity for advertisers to reach the public and select their target audience easierAn advanced sharing capability,
where viewers can share videos easily on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter
Independent hosting of its user content backed up by high tech security.
Since 2009,
YideoTube is providing a collection of quality screened entertaining videos for the Jewish communityOn our website,
visitors enjoy browsing videos of interest by the categories desired such as a religious service, education, or comedy.
YideoTube thrives in bringing together the best videos available on the World Wide Web into one place. To this point,
YideoTube offers a collection of more than 100,000 videos with daily additions of new releases for over 20,000 daily-visitors



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